Find the Breakthrough You!

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It's time to Break Through, Move Forward, and be STRONGER TOGETHER!

Do you feel stuck or frozen? It's time to make a change! Beginning October 17th, we will commit to 21 days of stronger mindsets, which lead to strong bodies and spirits.

STRONG will challenge you to think differently, believe in yourself, get outside your comfort zone, AND there is the opportunity to win prizes every week!

This October, find the Breakthrough You!

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Keys to Success


Watch Coach Amanda’s Weekly Video!

Find INSPIRATION and guide your week by watching Coach Amanda’s weekly video!


Go to the YMCA Twice Per Week!

Visit the YMCA AT LEAST twice per week, every week!
This includes in-person visits AND online visits to our virtual wellness partner YMCA360



Join an Accountability Group!

Join a group to meet new friends and find accountability for the challenge!
Create a group with friends and family!

UPDATE: Join a Group placement quiz is closed for the STRONG Challenge. For accountability, you can at any time create your own group with friends and family!

Create a Group


Mindful Minutes!

Practice Mindful Minutes everyday of the challenge!

You can read, meditate, listen to music, get some fresh air, practice gratitude, cook, and so much more!

30 minutes, 10 minutes, even 2 minutes, however much you have time for!

ACCOUNTABILITY TRACKER (Available October 17th)

Track your success using our Accountability Tracker!

Each daily submission is ONE ENTRY into our weekly $50 gift card prize drawings (max. 7 entries per week)

Track your success, gain your max submissions, and help your region rise to the top of our Leaderboard Standings!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

What is the STRONG Challenge and how do I join?!

  1. Text STRONG to 844-889-6222, fill out the brief registration form linked in the follow-up message.

Keys to Success

  1. Watch Coach Amanda’s video at the beginning of each week
  2. Visit the YMCA at least twice per week (in-person or virtual visits count)
  3. Join an Accountability Group
  4. Practice Mindful Minutes everyday

Who can participate?

We are For All!

This challenge is everyone, whether you are a YMCA member or just part of our community, so join in and find your breakthrough you!

Do I NEED to be part of a group?

This Challenge can be done by yourself, but is WAY more fun when you have others to do it with you!

You are 95% more likely to achieve your goals when you are part of a group AND participating with a group will help your region in the leaderboard standings.

Create a Group

What are the prizes and how do I enter to win?

Accountability Tracker & Weekly Prizes

Beginning October 17th, use our Accountability Tracker to track your success AND it enters you for the chance to win weekly prizes ($50 Gift Cards)

Each daily tracker submission is 1 entry into the drawing (max. of 7 per week)

No Purchase Necessary, terms and conditions apply, see rules for details


Grand Prize

One (1) winner will be randomly selected from each region for the grand prize package: Four (4) Personal Training Sessions at the YMCA, Hello Fresh Subscription, 1:1 with a Mindfulness Coach, one (1) AirPods Pro

No Purchase Necessary, terms and conditions apply, see rules for details

What are Accountability Groups?

Groups of 5 other participants in your region with similar interest areas to help you stay accountable for your goals during the challenge

The placement quiz matches you up with four other people in your region with similar interest areas.

You can ALSO create your own group with friends and family

Join a Group

Create a Group

What are Mindful Minutes?

Intentional time of your day that is focused on your mental and spiritual wellbeing

Reading, meditation, fresh air, cooking, listening to music, practicing gratitude, and so much more.

These minutes can be 30, 10, or even 2, whatever you have time for!

What is YMCA360?

YMCA360 is our virtual wellness provider for the STRONG Challenge! Beginning October 17th, everyone will have free access to the platform on mobile, desktop, and television. You can find fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, creative, and more videos on YMCA360 to help you during the STRONG Challenge.

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