Reset Challenge
begins Feb. 13

Week 1

Keys for Success!

One new healthy habit, 21 days, beginning February 13th!

Friends, Challenges, Games, Recipes, Workouts, Meditations, Coaching

THE RESET CHALLENGE is ready to help fuel the start of 2023 for you!

Our goal is simple; YOU CHOOSE your next healthy habit and we give you the tools and motivation to help that new habit stick.

21 Days, Hit RESET and Find your 2023!

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Choose your Healthy Habit and Tell Us!

Over the next 21 Days, you are being challenged to build one Healthy Habit!

People that set goals are 94% more likely to stick with them 9 months later. Choose a habit from our sample list or create your own!


Healthy Habits List Tell Us Your Habit!


Join a Virtual Accountability Group or Create your Own Group!

Join a Virtual Accountability Group with 4-5 other people from across the country. Joining is easy, just fill out the form below

Join a group option closed at 5PM EST February 12th

There is also the option to Create your Own group with friends, family, or even people from your local Y, see below for the “How-To’s”

Don’t forget to join the StrongLife Facebook Community for continued motivation and encouragement throughout!

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Track Progress with RESET Bingo!

To track your success AND have fun, play RESET Bingo! Each week, you will have the opportunity to build your Healthy Habit by playing a fun Bingo board full of activities to help you achieve your goals!

The best part? Get 5 in a row and you can enter to win AWESOME prizes to further your wellness journey!

BINGO Boards will be available on February 13th!

No Purchase Necessary, terms and conditions apply, see rules for details

"What is the RESET Challenge?" and more FAQs!

What is the RESET Challenge and how do I join?

The RESET Challenge is a 21-day wellness challenge designed to help you start your 2023 on the right foot, by building a healthy habit of your choosing, that appeals to either your physical, mental, or spiritual health!
First, text RESET to 844-889-6222, fill out the brief registration form linked in the follow-up message.

Once you register, here is how you can get started today)

  1. Choose a Healthy Habit to build over the 21-days
  2. Join a virtual accountability group or create your own group with friends, family, or people at your local Y
  3. Play weekly RESET Bingo boards to track your success AND enter to win AWESOME prizes

Who can participate?


This challenge is everyone, whether you are a YMCA member or just part of our community, so join in and hit the RESET button!


This challenge can be done by yourself, but is WAY more fun when you have others to do it with you!

You are 95% more likely to achieve your goals when you are part of a group!

Join a Group!

Create a Group!

What are the prizes and how do I enter to win?


Beginning February 13th, play the weekly RESET Bingo board of your choosing to track your success AND if you get a BINGO (5-in-a-row) fill out the submission for to enter you for the chance to win a $50 Gift Cards

Full Bingo FAQs

No Purchase Necessary, terms and conditions apply, see rules for details


One (1) winner will be randomly selected from each region for the grand prize package: Workout Training Duffel Bag, Hydro Flask Water Bottle, Workout LogBook, $150 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card

No Purchase Necessary, terms and conditions apply, see rules for details

What is YMCA360?

YMCA360 is our virtual wellness provider for the RESET Challenge! Beginning February 13th, everyone will have free access to the platform on mobile, desktop, and television. You can find fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, creative, and more videos on YMCA360 to help you build your healthy habit during the RESET Challenge.

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