Week 1: Refresh

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The fuel we use determines how we ride. Isn’t it funny how ‘fast & easy’ often makes us ‘slow & empty’? We need to give our bodies healthy foods, movements, and mindsets. This fuel is the foundation to forming your new healthy habit. You can’t go far on ‘empty’--- in order to venture into NEW terrain, new goals, new habits...you need to REFRESH your fuel!

Your goal is to build ONE Healthy Habit over the next 21 Days!

Haven’t chosen yours yet? Pick from this list!

Healthy Habits

Build your Healthy Habit at your local YMCA!

  • Try a Group-Exercise Class
  • Achieve goals in the Fitness Center: Cardio, Strength, and More!
  • Go for a Run, get on the bike, climb the stairs, or walk
  • Swim laps
  • Play a pickup sport in the gymnasium or outside
  • Relax with yoga or meditation
  • Meet up with friends!



Healthy Habit fitness or nutrition oriented? Build it at the Y or at home!


Fitness Videos


Healthy Habit about your mental health? Build it at the Y or at home!


Yoga Journey

StrongLife Facebook


Healthy Habit focusing on your spirit? Build it at the Y or at home!

Ways to Serve!

Mindful Meditation

Coach Stacy



  1. Choose a Healthy Habit, write it down on paper, and place it somewhere as a reminder (ex: bathroom mirror)
  2. Find a partner or group to hold yourself accountable for your goals
  3. Play RESET Bingo to achieve your goals, have fun, and enter to WIN PRIZES!
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